Introduction by Fernand Huts and Katharina Van Cauteren

The exhibition tells the ‘Silicon Valley story’ of The Southern Netherlands (now Flanders) in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. In this video, both Fernand Huts (co-organizer, art collector, entrepreneur) and Katharina Van Cauteren (curator) explain what to expect from this exhibition. The duration of the video, subtitled in English, is about 5 minutes.

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The Birth of Capitalism. The Golden Age of Flanders

Today’s world is the product of the late Middle Ages. In what is now called ‘Flanders’, a new man now enters the stage. A practical man, an enterprising man. A critical man, who is no longer satisfied with what the church and nobility wants him to believe. This enterprising man wants to see and believe things for himself. He wants to discover a world, create, produce and innovate.

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The Birth of Capitalism: The Golden Age of Flanders

The attentive reader will already have noticed that my comments are not always entirely positive, and a top rating is extremely rare; so here I am with the exception that proves the rule.

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‘Entrepreneurs received privileges in the Middle Ages as well'

Flanders was an economic superpower in the Middle Ages. In the opinion of Fernand Huts and Katharina Van Cauteren, this was due to the innovative force of the first entrepreneurs. Their exhibition ‘The Birth of Capitalism’ shows how it came about.

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‘At one time, Ghent was bigger than Paris’

Reportage on the exhibition of the Huts Collection. Belgian Fernand Huts is a powerful businessman and an important collector. He is aiming to raise awareness of the shared history of the Netherlands and Flanders with his art.

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Fernand Huts’ exhibition shows mediaeval art from its most economic side

Flanders, the home of independent businessmen. That description fitted even in the Middle Ages. Around the year 1200, a new man started to emerge in the area now known as Flanders: innovative, practical and rich. The Birth of Capitalism is an exhibition that tells the story of the entrepreneur. Or, in the words of Fernand Huts: “The Dutch show off with their hundred-year Golden Age, but we had five centuries of Golden Age in Flanders!”.

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