Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online, via the visitor info page. Please click ‘order tickets’. These tickets grant you access on the day and time of your choice. You can proceed to the entrance without waiting.

Tickets are also available at the ticket booth. Provinciaal Cultuurcentrum Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 1 (Patersholwijk), 9000 Gent (België). The organization reserves the right to limit access when maximum capacity is reached.

The price includes a visit to the exhibition and the use of an audio guide and (written) tour guide. A visit to the educational show ‘Lam Gods’ (Lamb of God) is also included.

How much does a ticket cost? Who receives special fees?

As an adult you pay € 10.00 per ticket.
Young people aged between 18 and 26 year’s old, senior citizens aged over 60 and groups of 15 people or more pay € 7.00 per ticket. This also applies to student card holders, people with a disability, staff of the Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen and VAB members, upon presentation of a membership card.

Young people aged up to and including 18 years old, press and guides (with proof of ID) can access the exhibition for free.  This also applies to members of ICOM and OKV, people accompanying visitors with a disability and Davidsfonds cultuurkaart holders.

Students are granted free access to the exhibition. We will ask for your student card and email address, so we can inform you of future job openings.

When can I visit the exhibition?

The exhibition runs from 17 June 2016 to 30 December 2016.
The exhibition is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm – last tickets are available up to 5 pm.
Closed on Mondays and 24th, 25th, 31st Dec. and 1st Jan.

Can you buy entry tickets at the ticket office for a different day?

Yes, you can buy tickets at the ticket office for any other day. You will then also have priority entry.

How long is the waiting time to go into the exhibition?

Visitors who have ordered their tickets in advance either online or at the ticket office, have guaranteed access within the time slot stated on their ticket.
If you choose to buy your tickets from the ticket office on the day, there may be a waiting time depending on the number of places available. A maximum capacity has been set to ensure everyone has a pleasant visit. There may therefore only be a limited number of tickets available.

How long will the visit to the exhibition take?

Each visitor can visit the exhibition at their own pace. There is no time limit (but we do close the doors at 6 pm). The estimated time needed for a visit is: 1 – 1.5 hours.

What is a time slot?

In accordance with the maximum capacity for the exhibition, tickets will be sold for 2 time slots: tickets for entry between 10 am and 2 pm and for entry between 2 pm and 5 pm (closing time 6 pm). Visitors can therefore plan their visit and buy tickets accordingly.

Group visits are regulated more strictly, in time slots of half an hour (entry time), in order to provide every visitor with an optimal experience. Please refer to our ‘group visits’ page for more detail (info visitors).

Is there a catalogue for the exhibition?

Two books have been compiled especially for the exhibition. They are both available to buy at the exhibition. See our page ‘publications’.

Prof. Dr Katharina Van Cauteren and Fernand Huts, The Birth of Capitalism. Golden Age of the Southern Netherlands, Lannoo, 2016. Available in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.
336 pages, hardback, 25 x 29 cm, over 150 full colour illustrations.

Véronique Lambert and Peter Stabel (ed.), Golden Times.  Wealth and Status in the Middle Ages, Lannoo, 2016. Available in Dutch and English. 556 pages, hardback, 25 x 29 cm, over 300 full colour illustrations.

The OKV magazine (Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen/Public Art Collection Flanders) have also compiled a new edition that will be available to buy at the exhibition. Authors: Niels Schalley, Hannah Thijs, Katharina Van Cauteren. Art Magazine, 40 pages, around 40 full colour illustrations.

And lastly there is of course the visitor’s guide, written by the Flemish entrepreneur Fernand Huts. This is available free of charge in Dutch, French and English.

Can I book a guide/tour?

Guided tours can be booked through:
Vzw Gandante, www.gandante.be – email – +32 (0)9 375 31 61
De Gentse Gidsen, (Ghent Guides) www.gentsegidsen.be – email – +32 (0)9 233 07 72
Ghent-Authentic, www.ghent-authentic.com | email | +32 (0)9 269 52 18




Can I take bags in with me or leave it/them somewhere?

There are free lockers available where you can leave your bags and items of clothing securely.

Is the exhibition accessible to people with a disability?

The exhibition is completely accessible to people with a disability.

Can I bring my pet into the exhibition?

It is not permitted to bring pets into the exhibition. Only service dogs are welcome for people with a disability.

Is the exhibition easily accessible by car and public transport?

The Caermersklooster lies in the historical heart of the city of Ghent and is easy to reach by public transport.

Tram 1: from Gent-Sint-Pieters train station (platform 2) to Caermersklooster: tram 1 for Wondelgem/Evergem. Get off at the Gravensteen stop, in front of the Castle of the Counts. Walk along Geldmunt until it becomes Lange Steenstraat (follow the curve to the right), you will see the Caermersklooster on your right.

Coming from the E40 or the E17, please take the exit Gent-Centrum and follow the P-route up to the ‘Parking Vrijdagmarkt’. This underground car park (not for free) lies within a stone’s throw from the Caermersklooster.

If you prefer to avoid the city centre, please use one of the free Park & Ride zones on the outskirts of the city. Park your car and take public transport to the Caermersklooster. Park & Ride zones can be found near Flanders Expo (E40/exit Flanders Expo – tram line 1), in Oostakker (E17/ R4, exit 3 Oostakker – bus lines 17, 18) and in Mariakerke (Brugse Vaart/N9 – bus 3).

How do I reach Ghent from abroad?

Ghent is in the centre of Flanders and is approximately 35 minutes (by train or car) from Brussels, Antwerp and Kortrijk. The town is easy to reach from abroad either by plane, on the Thalys (high speed train)  or Eurostar…

Am I allowed to take photographs?

Photography and filming is not permitted in the ‘For God and Money’ exhibition. You may take photos or film elsewhere in the building, but photos, videos or film recordings may not be used for commercial purposes unless express written permission has been given by the Caermersklooster.

May I eat or drink during a visit to the exhibition?

No. Eating and drinking is strictly forbidden in the exhibition space.

There is not a restaurant in the Caermersklooster itself, but there are plenty of places to eat in the surrounding area. You will be in the Patersholwijk. In the narrow streets in this medieval quarter, you will find one great restaurant after another.

Is there a shop at the exhibition?

There is a shop where you can buy books, postcards and so forth.

What else is there to see/do in Ghent?

There are plenty of things worth seeing in Ghent. Consider visiting the medieval ‘Gravensteen’ castle, the Belfry, Sint-Baafskathedraal (St. Bavo’s Cathedral),  the Museum of Fine Arts, the SMAK (municipal museum of contemporary art) or the Design museum. Please refer to our website page visit Ghent, also for hotel offerings.

I would like to come with a group, is that possible?

Yes, certainly. Groups need to book 7 days in advance. More information about the rates, advantages and offers is available on the website (visitor info, group visits).

What if I haven't booked or didn't book in time?

Groups that do not have a booking confirmation do not have guaranteed access on the desired date and time.

What do I need to know if I am coming with a group?

Please refer to our page: visitor info > group visits.

Please ensure your group does not disrupt other people’s visits. Do not congregate in the hallways or in front doorways.
The exhibition room is a place for looking and thinking. The culture centre encourages visitors to discuss art. When doing so please take into account the other visitors and limit loud or disruptive noises. Please ask your group to do the same. Talking on mobile phones is not permitted in the exhibition room. Please do not point using sticks, umbrella’s or flags and do not wave them about. Laser pointers are not permitted. Works of art are damaged every time they are touched, even if it is not immediately apparent. Touching the objects is therefore also not permitted. For further guidelines, please refer to the visit terms and conditions.

For further questions about group reservations you can call +32 9 269 29 10 or e-mail caermersklooster@oost-vlaanderen.be

My group is bigger than the maximum number of 20 people?

If your group is bigger than 20 people, you should split the group and make two or more reservations. The time slot allows for entry in the half an hour time slot, so take two time slots consequently and you can enter with 10-15 minutes time delay.

Can I cancel my group visit?

You can cancel your group visit up to seven days before the planned date. Please contact the Caermersklooster: call +32 (0)9 269 29 10 or e-mail.

Should I join the queue for the ticket office if I have booked a group visit?

No, you don’t have to wait in the queue. The group leader should register upon arrival. Have any discount cards ready to be checked.

How important is it for me to keep to the time slot?

The idea is for the visitors to enter the exhibition within half an hour of the time indicated on their ticket. The Caermersklooster tries to ensure late-comers can still be granted entry, but immediate entry cannot be guaranteed. You can contact the information desk by phone to let them know you have been delayed: +32 9 269 29 10.

How long is the group allowed to stay?

The time slot only affects the start time. You can stay as long as you like (we do close at 6 pm).

Are special packages available?

You can book exclusive (evening) packages for a business, association or private event. The Caermersklooster will open for you exclusively between 6 pm and 8 pm. For more information and reservations please contact Carina Mertens on 00-32-(3) 221 68 12 or via email.

What does an exclusive evening group package cost (for a business, association or private event)?

A group package costs € 20.00 per person. The package includes:
• Audio guide (for a 1 hour visit approx.) and a written guide, both available in 5 languages
• The exhibition book by Prof. Dr Katharina Van Cauteren and Fernand Huts, The Birth of Capitalism. The Golden Age of Flanders, Lannoo, 2016 (1 per couple)

What is not included in this exclusive group package/this evening event?

Catering for your reception and guides are optional and you must book them separately. With a large group (40+), there is the possibility to book 5 guides who are strategically placed to give explanations about the most important works. This improves the flow of the visitors throughh the exhibition.